KOTA BHARU – Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) will organize a Friendly Ceremony of the Vice Chancellor with KUIM / USIM Alumni on 11 February in Kelantan. Director of the Usim Alumni and Career Center, Dr Nisar Mohammad Ahmad said, the inaugural meeting in Kelantan was held to further strengthen the brotherhood between former and new students who have just graduated from the university.

According to him, the ceremony was also held to share the latest developments that took place at the school. “In fact, it is also able to provide an injection of spirit and sharing of ideas to further strengthen the university. “Maybe through this meeting, former students can suggest the form of their contribution to this university,” he told Sinar Harian. He said, former students who have space can attend the meeting together at the Kelantan Trade Center (KTC) at 2.30 pm.

The ceremony was enlivened by the presence of the Vice Chancellor of USIM, Professor Dato’ Dr Musa Ahmad who will give his message for joint reflection. The program was also organized to seek cooperation with USIM alumni in collecting data as well as tracking its members serving in the East Coast.