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“Exploring knowledge at USIM has given me a better understanding of the communication field particularly on the concept of Islamic Communication. It gives me a new perspective of the philosophy of communication and the role of the media for the Ummah.”

Bachelor of Communication with Honours
FKP, 2008

DR. FAUZIAH HASSAN, Deputy Director Of The Center For Marketing & Student Admission, USIM

“Studying at USIM not only exposed me to learn new ideas, but it helped me engage in different informative and fun activities, compete in several inter-university competitions and meet people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.“

Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours (Information Security and Assurance)
FST, 2017

ZIAURAHMAN SHIRZAD, MIS Manager, Kardan University, Afghanistan

“The programme has adequately prepared me to face medical challenges as well as fiqh issues in medical practice. Alhamdulillah, navigating the world of medicine in Malaysia has become much more manoeuvrable after joining this programme. It is also the only medical programme that actively and consistently integrates Islamic elements in its syllabus.”

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS)
FPSK, 2011

DR. MUHAMMAD YUSOFF MOHD RAMDZAN, Paediatrician and Medical Lecturer, FPSK, USIM

“During my study at USIM, I found a great academic atmosphere that fully supports you as a post-graduate student and a researcher. I was very blessed with my supervisors as they provided me with all the support, guidance, and attention needed to finish my study smoothly. I feel very grateful to my supervisors and USIM-staff in general for everything they did for me.”

PhD in Science and Technology – Computer Science (Information Security)
FST, 2017


“Thankfully with USIM’s double degree programme, I am able to practice as a Syarie Counsel and I am currently holding a practicing license for Federal Territories, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor. I am grateful to graduate from USIM.”

Bachelor in Law and Syariah with Honours
FSU, 2017

HARIS BIN MD NOR, Paralegal and Syarie Counsel at Messrs. Adnan Sharida & Associates

“The integration of Naqli and Aqli knowledge at USIM makes accounting programme offered by FEM is beyond the standard set up by the accounting professional body and gives more insights including on Islamic accounting, Shariah audit as well as shariah-compliant in finance and economy. This would help me to further advance the understanding and application of this Islamic-based knowledge not only in Malaysia but to the world as a whole.”

Bachelor of Accounting with Honors

FEM, 2014

DR. MUHAMMAD IQMAL HISHAM KAMARUDDIN, Graduate Fellow, Faculty of Economy and Muamalat, USIM

“USIM is the first university to offer me a unique and comprehensive learning program. The integration of Naqli and Aqli courses provided have made me a successful person today. As for me, now I am working full time as a Network Engineer and part time as AlQuran Teacher.”

Bachelor of Quran And Multimedia with Honors

FPQS, 2017

HAFIZULRAHMAN MAZELIN, CET Development Sdn Bhd, Bangi, Selangor

“I was a Nobody when I first started at USIM, but the University has provided me with countless opportunities to improve my personal development; its curriculum gives me exposure to prepare myself for my career and the essence of integration between Aqli and Naqli that has been nurtured inside my heart and head now become my stand here in this foreign land. This magnificent campus allowed a Nobody like me to be Somebody one day InsyaAllah! and I’m so grateful for my choice to attend USIM was the BEST decision I’ve ever made.”

PhD in Chemical Engineering/Material Chemistry

FST, 2015

NURUL AIN MAZLAN, PhD Student , The University of Edinburgh
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