Iman Al-Husna Mohamad Zafarullah, the paralegal Messrs Mohd Ali & Co, Advocates & Solicitors

IMAN AL-HUSNA MOHAMAD ZAFARULLAH is a paralegal and has been working with Messrs Mohd Ali & Co, Advocates & Solicitors for almost 4 years (2016 – Present), 4-month legal internship with Elida Imran & Partners, Wan Juhrah & Co and Kompleks Mahkamah Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur and has practical experience in preparing and handling banking facilities documentation which covers retails as well as corporate financing requirements, assisting Partners in handling clients from individuals to various corporations including banks, corporate sectors, real estate corporations, statutory corporations and developers. Experienced in handling sale and purchase of properties concerning the assets belonging to the wound-up companies with Insolvency Department of Malaysia. On creative aspects, Iman Zafar is the founder of Fashionagraphy and acts as the Creative Director and Managing Partner. She has practical experience in graphic design, fashion campaign, advertising, social media marketing and corporate profile creation for corporate and commercial works with combined legal and creative aspects to create a dynamic working performance. Based in Bandar Baru Bangi, with her original work rooted in graphic design, fashion illustration, fashion design, we eventually decided to combine all these separate disciplines in one medium and produce those to create better work for bigger results.

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