Farhan Ashari, the Principal of Johor Bahru Islamic Secondary School (SMIJB)

FARHAN ASHARI is the Principal of Johor Bahru Islamic Secondary School (SMIJB) from 2017 until now. He received his bachelor’s degree with Honours with specialization in Fiqh and Fatwa from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) in 2013. He previously held the position of Deputy Chairman of the School Administrators Council – Islamic Schools (MPSI) and was a member of the Youth Council State of Johor (MBNI) and Coalition of Dakwah Malaysia, Johor Branch (GDM Johor). He also held the position of President for Malaysian Islamic Youth Force Johor State (ABIM Johor) during 2020/2021 session. He also contributed in the distribution of aids to those in needs under the ABIM Johor agency, Skuad Prihatin. Apart from that, he has the experience in conducting programs related to youth, school students and higher institution students for 5 years with several NGOs such as KPIJ and ABIM. In addition, he is also involved in administration of private religious secondary schools as well as actively participating in delivering religious lectures at mosques around Johor Bahru.

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