Che Mohd Juwahir Che Abdullah, a member of the first KUIM Alumni group

CHE MOHD JUWAHIR CHE ABDULLAH, from Manir, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, is a member of the first KUIM Alumni group. He is a graduate from the Faculty of Da’wah and Islamic Management (matric no. P000065). His involvement throughout his studies in KUIM includes being an Academic Exco, Student Representative Council (MPP) during 2000/2001 session. In addition, his active involvement in various co-curricular activities such as the Director of Academic Excellence Seminar Program 2001 and other activities did not make him neglect his academics, thus resulting with him receiving the Dean Award with the CGPA of 3.71. Upon graduation, he was offered a position as an Administrative Officer for KUIM Library. However, his service in KUIM did not run for a long time due to an offer he received to further his studies in the field of teaching (KPLI) and so his career as a teacher began.

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