There are many reasons why Alumni should consider making a gift to Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia :

  • To show appreciation for the education that USIM has provided them.

  • To give others a chance to have a similar experience.

  • To stay connected to the USIM community.

At many universities, Giving Back starts even before graduation day. It may begin as a request for a Senior Gift, or as a gathering to inform each senior about the importance of alumni giving to the school.

Contribution to USIM can be in many ways inclusive of:

1. Contribution through JomInfaq programme.

2. Bantuan Komputer Riba kepada Pelajar B40 USIM

3. Contribution by products and services to USIM.

Sumbangan Baja Organik daripada
Mawar Teraju Sdn Bhd

Sumbangan Little Free Library Kepada
Sekolah Angkat USIM

Sumbangan Tajaan Anugerah Konvokesyen

Sumbangan Alat Tulis Peperiksaan